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Who are these events for?

These days are perfect for anyone; friends, couples, singles. We keep our number low so each group feels comfortable and safe in this intimate experience.  The day offers a variety of experiences in the form of meditation, nature bathing walks, foraging, sustainable living with eco tips and ideas, craft weaving to take home, home blended flower, herb tisanes and cordials along with plant based, delicious snacks and a delicious vitality packed home grown lunch. 

Follow the links in the tabs below for full explanation and tickets for each event. 

Seasonal Retreats

The mindful and easy going day has been created, for play, community and fun that will help connect us back to the simple joyful pleasures of relaxation in nature, away from distraction and technology.

At our retreats held in the arms of nature, we will learn subtle ways in which we can give back to nature. As we expand and rest our minds through meditation and guided sound journeys, we also have fun making nature crafts such as bug hotels from foraged materials or learn how to eco-wild plant and eat from our gardens, hedgerows and woodlands.


Every event is very different, there is something new, creative and exciting to learn about the nature surrounding our re wilding garden and hedgerows.


We immerse ourselves in its knowledge and wisdom. Phones are put on silent. So you can truly gift yourself this day of stillness, connection and exploration.

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