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Nature. Make. Grow. Breathe. Nourish.

At Wild Ivy Wellness Retreats we inspire that renewed relationships with nature, through gentle insight, guidance and connection in our nature bathing and foraging pick and walks, herb and flower identifications, gentle mindfulness, meditations and creative expression making using plant fibres.

Our planet it our most precious resource. The respect, insight and knowledge that our ancestors had for nature has been mainly lost. Guests often say they leave less anxious, more informed with a renewed confidence and deep resonance and peace with the earth. The experience has a ripple effect taking them back into their every day worlds with more of a  balanced view with a renewed love and respect for the incredible workings of the natural world.

We promise peace and wonder at our signature Retreats held in our peaceful countryside location. For the first time in 2023 we are embarking on a Wild Ivy Retreat in Greece. We also bring our original brand of Nature Wellbeing at Work into Offices and Work Places and create private parties and Personal Special Events such as Baby Blessings, Women's and Men's Circles and cook plant based Feast Birthday Parties.

Contact Rosie & Caroline to discuss your requirements. 

Seasonal 2023 Retreats

Each season nature provides new excitement and beauty in our wild ivy cottage garden and surrounding countryside. It inspires, renews and awakens our relationship with nature. Each Wellness Retreat is created to be different from the last, as the seasons differ; we might offer a variety of nature bathing, foraging walks, mindfulness moments, meditation and circles in our bell tent, sound meditation with creative expression making, using plant material or allowing time for simple moments of reflection and journaling. We spend as much time as possible outside, always accompanied by a delicious plant based lunch, snacks, home picked teas and wild cordial. Our lunch together is an important social, focal point with the table decorated with nature we have picked on our nature walks.

Join us at out our next event signature Retreat held in our peaceful countryside location for connection to earth, rest, rejuvenation and play. 

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Workplace Events