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Wild Ivy Retreats Orchard Apple Juice

Wild Ivy Retreats Orchard Apple Juice

The time has come for the big Apple Harvest in the orchard. 

The apples trees are celebrating! We've not pruned them for a couple of years and allowed their arms to spread wide. They seemed to like it as the blossom was outstanding in spring and they obviously loved the scary heatwave weather, because the apples have never been so rosy and juicy.

This garden feels loved. We're sure the biodiversity under the ground is celebrating and feeding each other nutrients. Which is resulting in so much growth. 

There is a feeling when you walk amongst it that it's been seen and appreciated. Thanks also to the busy bees for spreading their love working so hard , pollinating and increasing their population.

It's a joy and privilege to be able to pick fruit from these old apple, plum, damson and pear trees, some of them at least 60 -70 years old (the plums and damsons were used for dye in the Luton hat trade) but it's sometimes a challenge to use it all up. 

This year we are making our own Wild Ivy Orchard Juice thanks to @drovershillfarm who will be doing the bottling for us! 

Of course we are also going to be making other things like apple cider vinegar, stewing and freezing, apple crumble bars, chutneys ... would love your ideas if you have any apple recipes?


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