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Wild Ivy Community Launch

Have you seen the violets in your lawn, or tasted the ‘bread and cheese’ in the hedgerow. Or sucked the nectar from the dead nettles recently? The fun of the forage, whether it's picking for our lunch or making plant fibres into a useful tool or piece of beauty. Is one of the things we loved sharing together at our recent April Re Earth retreat with our guests.

We also are so excited to be launching our own Wild Ivy Community for all those people who want to come to our events but live too far away, or for people who come to our events and want to keep the magic going. Now we've created a way to stay connected and be part of our Wild Ivy Community. We will share all our pillars, Nourish, Breath, Nature, Make, Grow. From recipes, making from nature, foraging identification, wild gardening, eco inspiration, meditation videos, writings and our thoughts for the month.

Wild food picked directly from our local landscapes, literally resonates with our unique and individual life force and becomes our incredible friend for life. Teaching us about their secrets of health and longevity.

Folk names too like Sticky Willie, Bread and Cheese, Carpenters Weed and Old Bears Garlic. also add a sparkle of magic to our wild foraged meals, a chance to connect on a deeper level with the plants that grow all around us. Local names offer us to step through the portal of time and get deep understanding of how plants communicated with our ancestors. A wonderful way to understand how local wild food was so important in our lives.

At our Re Earth event for April our intention for the day was Hope. Sometimes it can be hard to summon up a hopeful thought. However, look no further than outside your window. Especially at this time of year!

We were gifted with the most amazing weather after sleet and snow the day before. It was a New moon so it can go either way! 🌒 Dramatic weather is becoming a theme!

Surrounded by Ancient Oak Trees

We grounded with our feet in the earth

We sipped and ate with intention

Heard the birds song, and the wind in the trees

and realised there is no separation

We are nature… there’s no disconnect… so reconnect 💚🌿

Join us for our next Create & Grow Retreat day on 22nd May. Our celebration of nature can often feel more like a weekend and day. And we can promise plenty of beautiful moments and stories and experience that can be life changing.

We both LOVE doing these days. So thank-you to everyone who supported us. Can't wait for you to join us in person or/and our Wild Ivy membership community.


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