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Tis the Season to be jolly..!

Updated: Dec 27, 2021

We really have been pushed to our limits of 'putting up with things'. Christmas does give us that moment when we can let our hair down and throw caution to the wind and appreciate each other and all that we have. It also accentuates loneliness and all that we do not have. However, do not go headlong into overwhelm, wherever you are at. We can find little moments or touches of joy in doing everyday things that lift our spirits and bring us back down to earth.

Here are Wild Ivy's top Ten little Christmas moments to make the season jollier...

1. Wrap your gifts in scarves and leftover material. It feels good and looks gorgeous. We found these scraps of upholstery material and leftover ribbon from charity shops. Use satin ribbon and save to use again. Rummage through your scarf and sarong drawers.. they make great wrap as well as gifts.

2. If emotions are running high inside. Wrap up and take time out with a cup or flask of tea and leftover Christmas pudding/cake/biscuit/mince pie in the garden or nature. Forget the cold, sitting in nature with our hands wrapped around a warm cup of tea calms us, fills our lungs with fresh air and balances us out.