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Let's choose to do Christmas eco friendly!

We are all in this together, but if a few of us start to make wiser eco choices, it will start the ripple effect and others will catch on. In fact it makes for a more meaningful Christmas. It is a fantastic time to show our children how we care for each other and the planet.

'Use it up. Wear it Out. Make it do. Or do without'. American Office of War, 1944

We know we cannot afford to have the excessive Christmases that we've been used to in the past. We would do well to acknowledge that everything that we grow, that is alive in some way, comes with a higher environmental price that we might have realised.

Here are our Wild Ivy Top Tips for having an eco friendly Christmas in 2021.

Pre Christmas - Clean Up

Before the holidays, go through your home and start to declutter.

  • Go through your things and make room for the new things that will be entering your home (this is also a great time to evaluate if you need anything at all).