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Grounding in the City

Spending time in nature, feeling our bare feet on the earth or sand is easily said, but when you live in the city, this can feel almost impossible when surrounded by concrete and such a fast pace of life!

While our retreats are based in the Puttenham Herts, a totally idillic corner of the UK, many of our guests and even myself (Rosie) are based in London!!

Some times grounding and being in nature can be harder but is by no means impossible when living in a city! Having lived in London for the past few years, here are some techniques and practices i have integrated in to daily life as much as possible…!

Grounding in the City Tips:

Explore your Corner - when was the last time you went for a walk with no destination in mind? When you just wondered freely, soaking in your surrounding… looking for details you’ve missed? This is a beautiful practice and really roots you in your space and environment. Even if there no green space, wonder suburban streets and look for beautiful window boxes, or wild flowers along pathways.

Smell the roses - Check in with yourself and yours senses. If in moments of feeling overwhelmed or disconnected it can really help to check in with something you can see, feel, hear, and smell.To ground yourself in the present. Smelling flowers is a beautiful way of doing this!!

Bring the outside in - indoor plants has to be one of this last years covid phanomimoms! But being surrounded by green and growing plants is so amazing for our nervous systems. Something i have started doing is collecting wild flowers or ‘weeds’ on my walks to place in bottles, vases, jam jars!! Bringing a bit of colour to my space!… it’s also free!

Opening up the comments below to share other tips and tricks you’ve found also any secret natural spaces in London!

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