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The Beauty and Diversity of Japan: Why It Is My Favourite Country to Explore

japan is a land of food and culinary traditions, so a visit to japan is incomplete without trying the local cuisine. japanese cuisine is a combination of hot, fresh and salty. the hot food such as sushi, sashimi, tempura, yakisoba and ramen are served cold. whereas, cold food such as kombucha and boiled greens are served hot. japan also have an amazing variety of local drinks and sake. sake is drunk chilled and is brewed from rice, polished and filtered during the brewing process. the most popular local drink is shochu, which is distilled from rice. there are many sake breweries in japan where visitors can experience the most authentic sake tasting in japan.

My Favourite Country Japan Essay


japan is famous all over the world for its superb railway system, which also serves as the backbone of the countrys economy. though, the railway system is not only for the train travelling public, but also plays an important role in peoples daily life. japan is the home of bullet train, the fastest train in the world which makes it easy to travel from one end of japan to another. japan has the densest network of subways in the world, with over 1,000 miles of underground rail lines to serve as the backbone of the country. the majority of the country is linked by trains and several stations have been designated as important cultural properties by the japanese government.

japan has the greatest concentration of incredible modern art galleries. the reason why is because of the strong art community with a dedicated collectors and enthusiasts. the year 2010 marked the centenary of the tokyo bauhaus movement. this movement was formed in the 1920s and is now one of the main art movements in japan. it is present throughout the entire country with an art museum dedicated to the movement in tokyo. the bauhaus in japan is a collection of influential japanese artists who were exposed to the bauhaus movement, often through the international travelling exhibitions.


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