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[S2E9] Don't Die On Me

And so, in borrowed blazers, caps and scarves, Beard and the boys set off for the club. Once there, they manage to con their way past the front desk and upstairs. At the pool table, the pub guys meet their Bizarro World Bones & Honey drink-elgangers, three snobs who immediately suspect they don't belong. Just in the nick of time, Beard shows up and introduces himself as an Irish professor (an extremely Irish professor). He manages to convince the snobs that he and the boys are all Oxford men. In perhaps the most telling comment of the whole episode, Baz asks Beard how he knew so much about Oxford, and Beard says, "I dated a professor at Oxford. And I listen more than I talk."

[S2E9] Don't Die on Me

But on the other hand, it's more opaque than most; you can spend a lot of time turning over in your mind all the little things that invite interpretation. For instance, in a story that's kind of mysterious and magical, why is there this repeated bit about Beard's keys? Jeremy returns them at the pub, Red Dress returns them in her apartment, and her boyfriend returns them after he rescues Beard from James. Eventually, Beard even breaks his key off in the lock. You could read all this as meaning that he doesn't really want to go home, or that he can't really go home, or that home isn't the right place for him. It may well have a neat answer in the minds of the writers that I'm completely missing; I don't know, and honestly, that's not my business. To me, it underscores how lost he feels. He keeps literally losing his way home.

Navigating the dynamics of death, grief and loss, from brain fog to finding a sense of control. Arguing over estates and why 70% of people don't make plans for what happens after they die. Explaining the mechanics of probate with a story about picking berries. Being a stage magician and how magic helps with storytelling. What we can learn from near-death experiences. Why patience matters in law as well as in marriage. Swimming and mindfulness.

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Izzie tells Burke that Walter and Joe have set up the table. The turkey needs a few more hours. Burke wonders why she planned this dinner if she can't cook. She likes Thanksgiving. She says they work 18-hour shifts six days out of the week, 50 weeks a year. They don't have time for family or non-doctor friends. Thanksgiving is when they get to be like other people, where nobody dies on their watch. She wants to appreciate that day.

George returns to his father. His brothers went to the cafeteria. Harold knows George didn't have fun today. George admits that he didn't. Harold says he hurt his brothers' feelings. George hates them treating him like he's stupid and not one of them. Harold says that is because he is not one of them. And George makes sure they know it. George makes Harold proud, but he and his sons try to include George. They don't know how to talk about the things he likes. However, they never treat him like he's stupid. It's the other way around. They might be stupid but they are his family. George should give them an inch and pick a car every once in a while. George tells his father about the heart-on-the-elevator surgery.

Lex arrives at his anger management class and sees a familiar face - Dr. Bryce. He asks her out, but she turns him down, cryptically saying, "You don't remember me?" Later, he finds her at the hospital, and he does remember- they had an encounter years ago in a Metropolis ER. She accepts his date.

Lana and Chloe agree not to keep secrets from each other (again). Later, they call Clark to the Talon to apologize. They discuss their complex friendship, but don't really resolve anything. Clark expresses disappointment that they both trusted Ian over himself, while Chloe and Lana admit the mistake but cite that it was their mistake to make. The conversation ends with Clark affirming that he doesn't think he should be treated like the jealous boyfriend, and would rather be treated like a friend. This marks the first time Clark takes a truly proactive and decisive role in defining the relationships between all of them.

"Consider that in the history of many worlds there have always been disposable creatures. They do the dirty work. They do the work that no one else wants to do, because it's too difficult or too hazardous. And an army of Datas, all disposable? You don't have to think about their welfare; you don't think about how they feel. Whole generations of disposable people.""You're talking about slavery.""I think that's a little harsh.""I don't think that's a little harsh, I think that's the truth. But that's a truth that we have obscured behind a... comfortable, easy euphemism. 'Property'. But that's not the issue at all, is it?"

"Now tell me, Commander, what is Data?""I don't understand.""What is he?""A machine!""Is he? Are you sure?""Yes!""You see he's met two of your three criteria for sentience, so what if he meets the third, consciousness, in even the smallest degree? What is he then? I don't know, do you? (to Riker) Do you? (to Phillipa) Do you?"

Pennsatucky is in Healy's office, begging not to go to SHU. He decides not do that if they just talk, so she allows him to counsel her. Meanwhile, Red has a meal prepared for her former crew. They show up and she apologizes to them for what she did. Gina accepts, and Red says she's willing to make things more of a democracy. This leads to another flashback: One of Vee's foot soldiers shows up to the kitchen to buy Red's smuggling business from her. Red says it's not for sale. The woman says here's the deal: You stay in minimum-security prison, and we don't break your ribs. Red says she and Vee will talk this out. Man, so strange to see Red be so naive.

Just when I don't think that things will get any worse, Taystee gives Nicky a bag of heroin as a gift and says there's more. Nicky is shocked. Poussey, who is watching this go down, is appalled. Don't do it, Nicky!

Bernard and Elsie drive through the Park, stopping at Elsie's call at a sight of yet another massacre, bodies of dead soldiers strewn through the woods. Pointing out to her that they're dead, Elsie points out to Bernard in return that they are also 'armed' and gets out to go seek out some ammunition they can use. As he watches her progress through the glade, Bernard hears Ford's voice, telling him Elsie is going to betray him. Turning to see him, Bernard argues that she could have killed him days ago. Ford insists she will betray him, and that what he wants to do about it is up to Bernard. Bernard insists he's not going to hurt her again, to which Ford blithely suggests she doesn't have to suffer. Looking down at his hand Bernard sees he's holding his semi-automatic hand gun. Ford suggests that humans will always choose what they understand over what they don't. That the only animals that survive on the planet are either those that they've subjugated, or that flee at the sound of their voices. Nothing in between.

William: There's no such thing as fate.Emily: But there are accidents. Things you can't control. But you don't like that, do you? Is that why you started it, your little project? (Off his reaction) Don't act surprised. The project Uncle Logan used to talk about. It's real, isn't it? Your pursuit for immortality, for life... There's always an angle for you. You want it to be about control, don't you?

Juliet: (sighs) Oh. Do you remember when we first met? And I was surrounded by all of those phonies for so many years. All those ruthless, powerful men who hid behind those polished smiles. And then there was you. You wore that little shabby suit. And I'd look at you and I'd think, "Wow, he's the real thing. The only one not faking it." It turns out you're the only one any good at faking it. Good enough to get past me. But not anymore.William: Juliet.Juliet: No, you (slaps William in the face) don't touch me, you liar! You fuckin' phony! You're a fucking virus! You came in to this house, into my family, and you consumed it from the inside out! First my brother, then my father. And now it's me!

Dolores: We gotta keep on, Teddy. We're close now.Teddy: "Just takin' in the natural splendor." That's what you used to say. Except there isn't a trace of nature in any of it, is there? Or in us.Dolores: No. But that means we're free. We'll be the first creatures in this world to make a real choice.Teddy: The people, they made us. Sometimes it feels like it was all a dream. We were so in love.Dolores: (confused) We still are. Aren't we?Teddy: Yes, Dolores. No matter what happens, no matter how I change... or how much you change me... you're my cornerstone. You have been since the first time I laid eyes on you. I remember now. I remember everything.(flashback to when Teddy was first activated)Arnold: Bring yourself online. Welcome to the world, Teddy. Do you know where you are?Teddy: (looks over and sees Dolores in a frozen state) I'm in a dream.Arnold: Very good.Teddy: (voiceover) I remember the sound of their voices. The chill in the room. But mostly I remember you. I remember worrying you were cold. I wanted to reach out...Teddy: (back in the present day, runs his fingers through Dolores hair and caresses her face) Touch you. Protect you. From that day forward, I never wanted to leave your side. (walks a little way away from her) Which is why this is so hard. (pulls his revolver out of its holster) You changed me. Made me into a monster.Dolores: I made it so you could survive.Teddy: What's the use of surviving if we become just as bad as them? I understand now how this will end. Where you will lead us. (cocks revolver)Dolores: You don't want to hurt me, Teddy.Teddy: No. No, I could never hurt you, Dolores. I'll protect you until the day I die. I'm sorry. I can't protect you anymore. (brings his revolver up to the side of his head, and shoots himself) 041b061a72


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