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Jeff Phillips Bbq Sauce Recipe Pdf

I have used your rub on pork loin, ribs, pork shoulder and your barbecue sauce for pulled pork. I have enjoyed great comments and more importantly the pleasure my family and friends have from delicious meats.Your recipes and smoking instructions are by far the best.Thank you

jeff phillips bbq sauce recipe pdf

He cooked whole hogs in a dirt pit the old-fashioned country way, and in 1933, according to family lore, he came up with a secret recipe for a sweet golden barbecue sauce made with a base of yellow mustard.

I like Bessinger's OK but usually prefer a little more flair. Bubba's BBQ And Bash in Spartanburg has a mustard base sauce that includes a little heat. It is NOT like taking Bessinger's and adding pepper, it is totally different. I absolutely love it and wish I had the recipe to make at home. Not sure if there is a similar style to compare it with either. It is good on BBQ but I use it instead of Honey Mustard on their Chicken Tenders (Bash). If you have had this sauce, what are your thoughts about it?

I think Bessinger is the syle I would like the best, how close is this recipe to that, or what modification should I make to get close. Thanks in advance! ! love tangy mustard BBQ sauce and will try this recipe as well.

It's a great recipe, as you might be able to tell by the ratings and comments, but it's not a Bessinger's copycat by any stretch. I do have a recipe that Michael Bessinger, owner of Bessinger's in Charleston, shared that is obviously similar to theirs but not the actual recipe. In addition, someone sent me a copycat of Maurice Bessinger's mustard sauce (Columbia). Michael's recipe is in the current edition of our SC BBQ Cookbook; when I (finally) release the next edition, I will include both.

My wife and I do LOTS of canning every summer (you should see our pantry), and we have processed and eaten this sauce at a later date. But I cannot in good conscience suggest that you do the same. To my knowledge, this is NOT a recipe developed for canning. While its primary ingredients (vinegar, sugar) are things we traditionally use to preserve foods or ingredients that don't require refrigeration themselves (mustard), I cannot guarantee that it is safe to do so. Safer to do as I say and not as I do in this case. Sorry.


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