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[S2E17] The Priest In The Churchyard [NEW]

Brennan and Zack go to a church graveyard to identify bodies that were exposed due to a water main breaking. Father Matthew Sands (the intern priest) mentions experiencing stomach aches over the past few days. Father William Donlan (the original priest) shows up, clearly upset that Father Sands didn't inform him that he was planning to give Brennan the burial records. Brennan informs Father Donlan that they found a skull buried no more than 5 years ago, but Father Donlan says that no one has been buried there for 50 years. Brennan decides to inform Booth and announces that the graveyard is a crime scene.

[S2E17] The Priest in the Churchyard

Back at the lab, Booth, and Brennan argue about Brennan not being polite with the priest. The argument takes a religious turn, and Booth tells Brennan that it isn't about religion, but that they have working issues that are affecting their relationship. They agree to get back on the murder case.

Inside, Father Sands says that he started some new activities since he arrived to help increase attendance at the church. Lorraine mentions that in a month she will complete 23 years at the parish. Father Sands offers Booth and Brenan the opportunity to bring the sketch to the next mass to ask the attendees if the recognize the victim. Booth argues with Brennan about insulting the priest. He asks Brennan to go see Dr. Gordon Wyatt with him. She initially refuses but eventually relents.

Angela goes with Booth to church; she keeps interrupting him while he prays. The attendees are shown the sketch. James Levay, a teenager, recognizes him as the ex-intern priest, Father McCourt. According to Lorraine, the victim left a note saying that he was leaving the parish. The squints conclude that it didn't have to be a shovel that killed Father McCourt but any heavy valuable object.

In the lab, Dr. Wyatt tells Booth that his problem with Brennan is not knowing what will catch fire in the lab and where to stand. Enzo (a church attendee) tells Booth and Brennan that they should talk to James (the boy who recognized Father McCourt) because everybody suspected Father McCourt of being a pedophile. James denies that and says that Father McCourt never treated him wrong, but was a very close father figure and a best friend. He tells them that Father Donlan was pretty cruel with Father McCourt and that he was convinced Father McCourt was abusing James despite James denying the allegations. Father Donlan admits that he was harsh with Father McCourt and says that he is strict with all the intern priests that he works with.

Brennan tells Angela what Dr. Wyatt said. Angela suggests talking to him about her problem with Hodgins' asking her to move in with him.Father Donlan falsely confesses that he killed Father McCourt, and Booth doesn't believe him. The priest agrees to back down on one condition: if he gets the confession from the murderer. Lorraine confesses to the murder of Father McCourt.

LORRAINE: Just... he was very secretive. He'd disappear for hours at a time. Some nights he wouldn't even come back to the rectory. One day he was gone. Left a note saying he was leaving the priesthood.

JAMES: Yeah. About a month before Father McCourt disappeared, Father Donlan came to my house. He said he knew what Father McCourt was doing to me, he wouldn't listen. He was screaming that Father McCourt was going to pay for his sins. I'm telling you, it was scary. That old priest was crazy. He was just crazy. 041b061a72


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